How do your Clients benefit from

the Community Foundation?

Organized Charitable Giving:

  • One tax receipt for all charitable gifts.

  • Regular reports reflecting the charities gifted to and gift amount.​​


Charitable Gifts Advantages:

  • As part of year-end tax planning, establishing a Donor Advised Fund allows for an immediate tax deduction and the flexibility to support multiple organizations for years to come.

  • With the sale of a business, structuring a charitable gift of stock before a company is sold into a Donor Advised Fund reduces capital gains and increases charitable deductions.

  • Using appreciated stock to establish a Donor Advised Fund may allow you to be eligible for a tax deduction at the fair market value of appreciated stock and avoid capital gains tax.


Receive Maximum Tax Advantages:

  • Gifting with appreciated assets to escape capital gains tax.

  • By giving larger amounts in good income years, you can shelter income and then give grants out to charities over time.

  • Investing charitable dollars allows for giving more away.

  • Reduce current income tax obligation and removes assets from an estate thereby reducing future estate tax liabilities by establishing a fund.​


Establish a Generational Giving:

  • Include children and grandchildren in philanthropy.

  • Perpetuate giving beyond one's lifetime.

  • Support for a single charity or multiple charities.