Donor Testimonials

Laurie and Kelly Dozier Family Fund

“Our community is passionate about and generous with its support for the good works of our nonprofits. It’s one of the things I love about Tallahassee and that contributes to our vibrant community. The Community Foundation of North Florida is a good vehicle for people to plan their giving and provide generational giving for years to come.”

- Laurie & Kelly Dozier

Laurie & KellyDozier

Cliff and Lee Hinkle Fund

“I’ve seen firsthand the value the Community Foundation of North Florida can bring to our community and its donors, and I’m surprised that it remains one of Tallahassee’s best kept secrets. Five years ago, they showed me how I could invest in our community in a way that reaps dividends, not just for the organizations I care about, but for my own bottom line. It’s a smart way to give back, and I’m certain Cliff would be proud.”

- Lee Hinkle


Oliver Sperry Community Fund

The beauty of having a fund with the Community Foundation of North Florida is the ability to make a sizable donation to one place without having to immediately figure out which charities to support to receive a tax benefit for the year. We can donate and later decide which organizations to donate to independent of the tax year.

- Bill Oliver & Todd Sperry