The Community Foundation provides individuals, families and businesses with a simple, flexible and cost-effective vehicle for accomplishing their charitable goals.

We can help you:

  • Identify nonprofit organizations as potential grantees.

  • Arrange site visits to local nonprofits.

  • Understand local social service trends and emerging community needs.

  • Establish a lasting philanthropic legacy for you and your family.

Benefits to Donors

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Organized Charitable Giving

  • You receive one tax receipt for all of your charitable gifts.

  • You receive regular reports showing the charities you are giving to and the amounts given to each.

  • Your charitable fund acts as a buffer for on-the-spot solicitations.


Maximum Tax Advantages

  • If you choose to use appreciated assets to establish your fund, you escape capital gains tax leaving more dollars to support your favorite charities.

  • You may also choose to give larger amounts in good income years to shelter income and then over time, recommend grants to your favorite charities.

  • We invest your charitable dollars allowing you to give away more.

  • You receive a current income tax deduction and the gift to your fund removes assets from your estate thereby reducing future estate tax liabilities.


Legacy of Giving

  • If you choose, you may include children and grandchildren in your philanthropy sharing your values and traditions of giving back.

  • You may continue your giving and support favorite charities beyond your lifetime.

  • A donor advised fund is easier and more cost effective than a private foundation.




Give a single asset for the benefit of multiple charities


Create an endowment for a particular charity or for an area of interest

Learn more the  types of Donor Funds that can be established 

the Community Foundation.