Private Foundation Resources

The Community Foundation can work with a private foundation to alleviate administrative burdens, fully leverage tax benefits, engage family members and help achieve grant making priorities.


Alleviating Administrative Burdens

Individuals or groups managing an existing private foundation may find it no longer suitable or convenient to do so. As time advances, the ability of dedicated family members to run the foundation, cumbersome administrative compliance/research burdens and extensive operational costs are just a few of the challenges that a private foundation may encounter.

Fulfilling Annual Distribution Requirements

Timing is not always aligned when a Private Foundation must expend its required distribution. Insufficient applications within its focus area or an unforeseen delay in chosen projects could be reasons this may occur. In these situations, a donor advised fund can be established at the Community Foundation; a private foundation can then contribute all or part of the current year's required distribution to the fund which, if preferred, can be anonymous.

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